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Branch Directors


Image by Mario Beqollari

Albania 🇦🇱


Thanas Gega


of the branch.

Passionate and strongly connected to music since childhood, Thanas Gega graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana.

For years he has been a successful businessman, but his passion would take him back to the path of art.


He founded the art school “Metronom” and then the Artistic Academy “Robert Radoja” Tirana, where new generations of musicians and artists have studied and been formed. Producer of films for children and organizer of important artistic events.


His career lists a number of events inside and outside Albania. Participating in various international festivals, children’s troupes led by him have received many awards.


One of the most important awards of the Academy has been the First Place in the Parma Festival. These two institutions, under his leadership, continue to form talented artists.


Enerida Lila


of the branch.

Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tirana, at the Department of performing arts., With the title of “Actress”. After graduation she began his career on Radio Tirana, “The first Academy of the Albanian literary language”.

She was appointed Director of the first Radio Tirana program, where she is distinguished by her diction, eloquence, logic and interpretation of the news. Through its educational, cultural and information programs broadcast nationally and internationally, Radio Tirana is widely viewed as a symbol representing Albanian culture in the world.

She worked for years as a director, journalist and moderator in the programming and information department of Radio Tirana and at the same time moderator of news at the Albanian public television. RTSH is the public broadcaster of Albania. Inventor and moderator of the “First page” television program on Koha television. News moderator at Koha Television.

Actress Duplication on Top Chanel Television. Director Dubbing at AudioVizual Film Company AA. Director of the “Muppet Show” project at AA Audiovisual Film Company. Since 2012 she works as acting teacher at the “Robert Radoja” Art Academy, where she has staged many professional shows for children, the short film “Innocent Life” and many cultural and artistic activities. Director of “Robert Radoja” Art Academy, where she currently continues her adorable work.

Image by Andrés Medina

Ecuador 🇪🇨


Edgar Erazo


of the branch.

Master in educational management.

Professor for 25 years at the Almirante Illingworth Naval Academy and International Cultural Assessor in Guayaquil – Ecuador.

He worked at the Universities, Metropolitana University and Salesian Polytechnic.

President at Colors for Peace Ecuador.


Juan Andres Juna Morla


of the branch.

Young Visual artist, he paints since she was 5 years old.

At the age of 14 he exhibited at the famous Las Peñas neighborhood exhibition in Guayaquil, together with great Masters of America.

Winner of numerous art competitions in Ecuador and in various countries.


Lately winner of the ” Heal the Earth- Defeat Covid 19 ” painting competition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

He is the reference artist of Colors for Peace in Ecuador.

Image by Bhargava Marripati

Mexico 🇲🇽

Norma Medina



Analyst programming engineer, currently sits on the City Council for Celaya Development Planning. Expert in real estate affairs, she has been director of various organizations.

In the public sector, she was a member of the regional zootechnical association in the south-eastern region in the state of Veracruz, city councilor on two occasions and brigade coordinator in the agricultural sector in Veracruz.

He has also participated in the Local Livestock Association of Celaya, is currently vice-president of the Los Olivos AC Settlers Association, a member of the Association of Graduates of the Autonomous Agricultural University Antonio Narro AC, has also participated as coordinator of associations and civil society in Colosio Guanajuato Foundation, AC and as national women’s coordinator of the redesign of Mexico, AC.


Genaro Jaimes


Mexico City.

Degree in International Relations from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of UNAM.

Considered as an expert in Culture, Religious Associations, Social Development and Diplomacy in border issues.

He was for ten years Deputy Director General of the Under secretariat for Religious Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, and highlighted his participation in the Peace Dialogues for Religious Reasons in the Municipality of San Juan Chamula, Chiapas.

He has been a Consultant and Political Advisor in the Legislature of the Guanajuato Congress and has had various responsibilities in the Municipality of Guanajuato in the cultural field.

At the federal level, he has worked at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and at the Ministry of the Interior, at Petróleos Mexicanos, and at INEGI.

Image by Vlad Hilitanu

Romania 🇷🇴

Sighetu Marmației

Liliana Virsta


of the branch.

For nearly twenty years I have been honored to be the teacher of several generations of children. Their optimism, energy and beauty have always given me the courage to dedicate my time to organizing events dedicated to them and I am extremely happy when I manage to co-opt children, parents, teachers and the whole community.

For more than four years I have made 2 shows on TV Sighet, dedicated to the children “Good night story” and “Dwarfs with glue” in which we have managed to make many talented and valuable children known. In political world i was elected local councilor in two successive terms.

I am one of the founders of Colors for Peace in Romania and I confess that it was a great challenge for me! Now it has become responsibility, family, harmony, protection and interaction


Sorin Halici


of the branch.

From 1993 to today (2020) I have had the honor of having under my guidance as a coach over 2000 students (athletes) both in the kids’ club and in the students (10 years) and legitimate sportsmen in the Kamiza-Do sports club.

The Kamiza-Do sports club is affiliated with the Romanian WKF Federation, the athletes are also legitimized as athletes in the same federation. As a coach we had the privilege of taking graduation exams with the Japanese Karate Federation, under the guidance of the Japanese master Takasyi Shibuya.

In turn, the athletes who are part of the exhibition group, under my guidance, have won gold medals in national, European and world competitions. In addition to training my passion for painting, it is a chain between the two arts (karate – fine arts).

I participated with works both in collective and personal exhibitions.


The honor was to work and participate with the one who was and will remain, the teacher Cauis Lugojan, friend and teacher since 1982. To the challenge of Caius Lugojan, I also joined Colors for Peace and I am grateful for it

Ileana Nemes Pop


of the branch.

For several years I have learned not to lose one of the most precious things: my time. I learned not to expect immediate results. I can talk about my books, poetry, volunteering and the passions I gave birth to.


I learned something that only with other people can we achieve lasting things. , to skyscrapers. The colors for peace are the fundamental tools, they plant peace in the human soul and light in all humanity.


Mioara Moicu



In May 2019, my activity as ambassador “Colors for Peace” begins. During this period I organized three exhibitions of drawings in which I included concerts with the theme “The song in 100 colors for peace”.


The events were filmed and uploaded to Facebook and Youtube and promoted on various televisions. We promoted in schools and kindergartens filming at these institutions with students and teachers who promote maximum promotion through the filming broadcast by Link Press TV and many appearances on EtnoTV with the maximum promotion of our project and international exhibitions held in Rome and Matera.


We promoted the project in Bulgaria with the new ambassador Kalina Dimitrova.


I am with the other three people of culture, founders of the National Prestissimo Music Festival, in which I also included “Colors for Peace – edition of the National Festival” Prestisimo Music

Moriana Ierima



Footwear technician, accountant and writer. During my childhood and adolescence I participated in various cultural competitions obtaining diplomas and awards.

Another passion is the Red Cross where I volunteered and participated in first aid competitions, Obtaining national and international awards. I am the author of two volumes of poems, “With the destiny of the hand” and “The pen of thought” at the same time my appearance in 5 anthologies of contemporary writers and various literature magazines. At the moment I have 2 volumes in preparation, one of which is dedicated to children’s books that will be launched this year.

In 2015 I discovered the Colors for Peace online project, a project that attracted me.

From 2018 on the proposal of Mr. President Antonio Giannelli to accept to be part of the Colors for Peace family I am the coordinator of the Sibiu peace ambassador project, by organizing exhibitions with the works of Sibiu children across the county and promoting the project at UNESCO Romania.

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