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Board of Directors

Sant'Anna di Stazzema, Italy

Antonio Giannelli


from Italy.

At only 12 years of age I am the youngest of the founders of Radio Forte dei Marmi. Together with me, 8 other underage friends, including the current RAI journalists Carlo Fontana (editor of TGR Lazio) and Paolo Fontana (RAI Storia).

For this broadcaster I conduct numerous sports, information and   entertainment broadcasts.

With the comedian Giorgio Panariello and other friends I lead the satirical program “Radio Squillo”.

After some experience in the local press I am part of the sports editorial staff of ReteMia of the financier Giorgio Mendella. I personally take care of a one-hour daily broadcast dedicated to “minor” sports.

Returning to the local broadcasters, after a political parenthesis, I found the Association “Colors for Peace” which in less than five years became one of the main preparatory projects for peace at an international level. I personally take care of relations with governments, institutions and schools in many countries of the world.


Aurela Cuku


from United Arab Emirates.

The award-winning independent art curator, Aurela Cuku is not a novice for the art world and has actually attracted global attention with a series of art exhibitions, both in the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. She is the founder of Artissima Art Gallery in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Several national and international media have written and talked about his artistic activities to quote: The New York Times Emirates. The selection of the artistic photography book that is part of the Archive of the Swiss National Museum. The interview on his opinion in one of the most expensive paintings in the world ever sold at auction for $ 450.3 million, Salvador Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci.

Aurela has received numerous awards both internationally and locally. It has been awarded and recognized in various events, under the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Culture. Instrumental in various charitable activities, particularly in Africa and in war-torn countries, which led her to become a philanthropist.

The activities with “Colors for Peace” developed in the seven Emirates, crossing the border with Syria, where it was involved in various school activities reaching 6000 signatures from the children to say: “STOP THE WAR”.

In a short time in the United Arab Emirates, Aurela Cuku has become a household name among the leaders of this great nation, thanks to her exemplary work in the community.

Liliana Virsta


from Romania.

For nearly twenty years I have been honored to be the teacher of several generations of children.

Their optimism, energy, and beauty have always given me the courage to dedicate my time to organizing events dedicated to them and I am extremely happy when I manage to co-opt children, parents, teachers, and the whole community.

For more than four years I have made 2 shows on TV Sighet, dedicated to the children “Good night story” and “Dwarfs with glue” in which we have managed to make many talented and valuable children known.

In the political world, i was elected local councilor in two successive terms. I am one of the founders of Colors for Peace in Romania and I confess that it was a great challenge for me! Now it has become a responsibility, family, harmony, protection, and social interaction.


I am ready to build and remain a reliable partner of the international Colors for Peace team!


Edgar Erazo Aguilar


from Ecuador.

Master in educational management.

Professor for 25 years at the Almirante Illingworth Naval Academy and International Cultural Assessor in Guayaquil – Ecuador.

He worked at the Universities, Metropolitana University and Salesian Polytechnic.

President at Colors for Peace Ecuador.

Anda Rusa


from Romania.

Graduated in Law at the Transylvania University of Brasov in Romania.

Lives in Pietrasanta, Italy.

Partner at Studio Fusco.


Emilio Sartoni


from Italy.

Talented youngster. Just graduated in Architecture from the University of Florence.

One of the first to support and collaborate with Colors for Peace.

He has been chosen as adviser of the Association by being part of the Board of Directors.

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